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Mat Israelson

From 2011 to 2020, Mat Israelson served as a high school athletic director and college professor specializing in teaching courses on Customer Service Excellence, Quality Management for Sport, Game Day Operations, and Sport Public & Media Relations. He honed his marketing skills and managed the portfolios of multiple professional athletes, sports agents, and organizations. This led him to establish his own sports marketing agency, where he focuses on various aspects of paid, earned, and controlled media. Mat founded Sport Management Hub, an online network for sports businesses, in 2019. His primary objective is to strategically and purposefully assist his clients in reaching, managing, and delivering content to their target audiences.


What people think

Mat took our brand from nothing to something. We literally had no idea where to start and he guided us through all our marketing activities. I honestly have no idea where we’d be today without him.

Leonel Wasim

Extremely well-versed in understanding the unique needs, wants, and desires of sport consumers. Mat understands that a sports brand, whether it’s an athlete or a company, is not the same as a car dealership. Everything about sporting brands and owners must be treated with a special approach. Mat knows that approach. ExpandSee Less

Hayley Turley

With great pleasure, I recommend Mat Israelson to you for any and all of your marketing needs. A more dedicated, hard-working, and insightful individual you will not find. Mat has been a forward-looking, serious participant in the programs at our org...anization, always searching for ways to improve and expand existing activities and facilities. He suggested we "change the face" of our athletics program both figuratively and literally. And he did just that. Mat developed a school logo, helped with fundraising efforts to have several aspects of our facility improved, and coordinated several events. Mat approached all his endeavors with enthusiasm, cooperation, and a well-conceived plan. He anticipated difficulties and employed positive problem-solving to overcome them. ExpandSee Less

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Mat Israelson

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